There are 5 elements decided LED lamp technology development

As the earth’s greenhouse gas emissions are getting more and more serious, approaching the earth about critical point, various countries are busy to publish relevant policies, including the countries all the world. Our country government must perform the urgent energy saving and emission reduction( carbon dioxide), LED lamp is at present the most of the energy conservation green environmental protection electric light source, natural become the main energy saving and emission reduction lighting option, with LED lights cost and price gradually reduced, the popularity of speed also to speed up, before 2020, LED lamp of the market share will be more than 50%

Reduce the cost of LED lights

LED chips take a very important role in LED lights, and reduce the LED lighting costs are mainly reducing LED chips’ costs.

LED chips’ technology development are mainly lie in the base material and epitaxial growth techniques. Base materials are from the traditional materials of sapphire, silicon and silicon carbide to develop to zinc oxide, gallium nitride and other materials. In a few short years, by means of a series of technical improvements, including chip architecture, surface roughening treatment and multiple quantum well structure design, and LED lights effect achieved a great breakthrough.

Silicon has a low cost, and its technology continue to progress continuously, but the luminous efficiency are still not satisfied at all, if we maintain this pace of development, once they reach a higher level, the silicon substrate as the main technical program has become an inevitable choice, business will also get huge economic returns for costs.

Improve the luminous efficiency of LED lights.

Improve the light efficiency also can improve the proportion of effective light to start. Thin- film chip technology can reduce the light output of each side of the loss, with the bottom of reflecting surface are more than 97%, the light from front output power conversion be mostly light, not only significantly improve the LED luminous efficiency, a favorable conditions for the lens design. The thin- film chips technology is the core technology of super bright LED chips production.

Improve the color of LED lights.

In the high-brightness white LED lights, there is a small portion of blue stoles shift of the longer wavelengths. This is a good thing, as it makes the LED lights manufacturers can use many different colors of the phosphor layer to extend the emission spectrum, and improve the LED color rending index(CRI) efficiently. Using phosphor white LED light improve its CRI has to pay more costs, because the Stokes shift will cause the white LED efficiency is lower than efficiency of monochromatic LED lights. For most lighting Applications, preferring to use high CRI LED lights efficiency is lower slightly.

Improve the efficiency of LED lamps power.

No matter the power of current-limited constant control, or operational amplifier to control the constant current power supply, those all have been to solve the supply problems. Switching power supply chip for work needed to a relatively stable DC voltage for chip-powered, the chip’s operating current of several MA ranging from an MA. Like FSD200, NCP1012, and HV9910, such this chips are a high-pressure self –feed, and is convenient, but high-pressure feed, resulting in the rise of the IC heat, as the IC to withstand about 300V DC, a little current, even if MA, the damage of0.3 watts consumption. General LED power about 10 W, the loss of a few tenths of watts can click on the efficiency of power to pull down a few points. The points are Q*9910. Resistor pull-down to take power, so he loss on resistor, about have to loss it a few tenths of watts. There is a magnetic coupling transformer, plus a winding in the main power coil, as fly back power auxiliary winding, in order to avoid damaging out a few tenths of watts power. This is why one of the isolated power supply is also used transformer, in order to avoid the loss of a few tenths power and efficiency to mention a few points.

Improve the system reliability of LED lights.

The overall efficiency, using life and reliability of LED lights are have to optimized through system can be improved.

Light source : needed to be compact, efficient and to choose the right color and output power.

Control and drive : using of electronic circuits to achieve constant current LED driver and control.

Thermal management : to achieve a longer life and must control the use of LED junction temperature, thermal model calculations with the new materials, new technology is the hot spot of LED lamp technology.

Optical components : lenses, reflectors or light-material light rays are focused in the target area or dispersed in four weeks, it needs to according to design requirements.

With the rapid development of LED technology, and increase the efficiency of LED light gradually, LED lamps Applications will be more extensive. Especially with the worsening of the global energy shortage problem, the LED lights will replace the inevitable choice o incandescent, tungsten and fluorescent. In addition, the interior lighting design, the LED will tend to intelligent, diverse, and the arts.