How to select LED lamps? Analysis of tips

With the rapid development of economic and cultural in China, indoor’s light environment should be kept in up with this trend . From the original single lighting meet the demand to the pursuit of a comfortable lighting environment, than improved to the lighting environment art with aesthetic value. In the LED lighting field,at the same time it is first palace for the whole lighting solutions, in order to provide an excellent lighting items to customer has been a trend. Since the trichromatic lighting founded ,it is always committed to be the industry’s leading indoor LED commercial lighting products.The tricolor is leading us toward a more environmentally friendly and humane LED commercial lighting era.

Regarding to select specific LED lamps you can adjust LED commercial lighting products by some of parameters.

1, Beautiful. LED Spotlight, for example, the common LED spotlight,multiple points of light class, appearance,thermal structure, the light curve and the actual luminous efficiency, the integrated light source is different a Applications places and different designers now can choose different LED lamps according to different Applications and design style.

2, The CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) must be consistent and stable, not faded in the high temperature for a long time. Traditional halogen spotlights’s CCT is 2700K,now some markets has some LED products are very easy to fade after a period of time and CCT also has a powerful deviation.

3, The CRI (Ra) determines the ability to reflect truly things’ color. The solar LED Street light and traditional halogen spotlights c CRI (Ra) are 100, national standard LED light CRI (Ra) ≥ 80,and now, the LED lighting industry,CRI(Ra) of basically reached 70.Manufacturers, some of the better CRI (Ra) can reach 80. If it is used in some of the more high-end places such as hotels, high-end stores lighting, the CRI of requirements are certainly very high, as much as possible close to traditional incandescent. So shine kind can faithfully display objects in the original color.

4, Life expectancy. Now it has been required the lumen maintenance kept more than 70% after using 25,000 hours.

5, Optical point of view need to be better, and cannot has glare, such as the angle of 25,a light should be in this range when photographed .It should not see a strong light in irradiation angle of light.

6, According to different Applications environments to match different the styles of lights in order to achieve the integration of the interior architectural design and lighting design.

Designers and owners are hope to elect a LED lamps not only take more attention about appearance but also the efficient with comfortable, beautiful, at the same time we have to consider saving costs. In order to satisfy with customer’s need, the enterprise with responsibility and innovation take more attention in lights’ style and design, dedicate to the perfect combination of lamps and light source in designing, and will create high-quality optical environment arts as a corporate mission. Trichromatic lighting is committed to integrate into the modern new design concept, and new variety of LED lights, the appearance of simple fashion, clear and comfortable, it will be a leader in the fashion of LED lights market. We believe new style, special model, high luminous efficiency and high technological LED lights will be most popular in the future, not only for indoor designers to bring more inspiration, but also will be for each of the general public health, environmentally friendly life style.