Analysis of LED car lights’ advantages and disadvantages

LED car lights using LED ( light emitting diode) light source lights. As LED has the Features of high brightness, various color, low –power, long life, and always used in the automotive field.

This article only to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of LED lights :

1, The taillights

The taillights’ requirement is not very high, but we should take more attention for instructions and warnings.


A, Red and yellow LED technology is very mature.

B, LED has small size and easy Applications and shows a great deal of design space for reverie to designers.

C, The car's power belonged to low voltage power supply, and circuit is designed to be simple.

D, Saving energy easily.

E, LED has a well direction, within a certain angle, high brightness, and the warning effect.

F, Long life.


A, The drive circuit is relatively complex (PCB) to bring some trouble to the exterior design.

B, LED taillights has difficult maintainance.

C, Spot designed with a certain degree of difficulty (not difficult)

D, High requirement of seals

E, Higher price

In summary, LED taillight technology is more mature ,has been adopted by most of the body manufacturer.

2, The interior lighting

The interior lighting are mainly used in the car lighting purposes for temporary, and has no much requirements on CRT and temperature environment, even the brightness.


A, White light brightness, CRI and color temperature are suitable for using in the car in a short time completely.

B, Simple designed power

C, LED are a small size ,easy Applications and can take a great deal of design space for reverie to designers.

D, Saving energy easily.

E, Long life


A, The optical design has a little difficulty.

B, Not fit for a long time lighting, if there is a long time should consider a simple thermal design.

C, Poor maintenance performance

D, Point light source made a difference with appearance and our used bulbs, would has a challenge to people for acceptance.

E, High price

In summary, as the interior lighting, LED lights have more advantages than traditional lights.

3, Headlight

The direction of headlights, please refer to a 1 taillight, near the focal length of light and far-focus light to a strong light sourece type, and play in front of the lighting.


A, Energy saving

B, The designed power circuit is simple


A, The thermal problem is complex

B, Brightness fail to meet requirements

C, The complex optical designs

D, New focus and far-focus light design contradictions

E, Sealed requirements

F, Poor maintenance

G, Higher price

In summary, the LED lights as the headlight design, there are a lot of technical problems, and there should be some technical strength to solve.