Setting home lighting lamps for 2 ways

In the time of decoration, lighting is an essential, not so much the renovation project, it is more basic needs of life.

The basic concept of an artificial lighting.

About artificial lighting, we need to understand the basic concepts of lighting first.

Luminous flux : the human eyes can feel the radiant energy. Every radiation energy of each band relative to the band as seeing the sum of rate. The unit symbol for the IM.

Illumination : To reach all parts of a surface flux density, symbols for Ix. A fluorescent lamp for 40W which luminous flux of approximately 1700-1900 Im.

Indoor lighting requirements :

Illumination, living room, study room, kitchen, bedroom, toilet, staircase and courtyard.

In general,50, 70, 75, 20, 75, 50,30

For special, handicraft 1500 ,reading 750, meal 300, make up 500, shave 300, meeting 150

From the table, it is not hard to know home lighting lamps has two ways in arrangement :

1, According to the common lighting and special lighting about 2 group schemes.

For example, there is a lamp and a brightness larger desk lamp.

2, According to special situation : For example, there is only one headlight.

The first set of scheme is a better choice. According to different situations, we will choose different illumination, it is good to product eyesight, avoid long-term strong or weak light on vision harm. On the other hand, is favorable for saving electricity and costs.

Home lighting lamps arrangement has two ways.

Choice of lamps

1, The style of lamps

Firstly, according to its own style to buy lamps. For example, modern style, are suitable for stainless steel and glass combined lamp. While Europe and the United States are traditional style, it is fit for some lines, such as the coated with metallic lamps. While for the toilets and kitchen lights are used to waterproof ceiling, generally they do not need to pay great attention to style, most main in the practical.

2, The bulb’s type

Now the home bulbs are divided into incandescent lamp and energy saving lamp.

Incandescent lamp are used in tungsten or other conductive metal wire heating principle of operation, light appears yellow( like sun light). Energy saving lamp are use in the principle of gas discharge operation, its operation is called self-ballasted fluorescent lamp, in addition to white(EL) outside, there are yellow(warm light). In general, in the same wattage, an energy saving lamp incandescent energy saving 80%, average life prolonging 8 times, only 20% of heat radiation. Under strict situation, a 5 W energy saving light can be considered equal to 25 W incandescent lamp. 7 W energy are saving light approximately equal to 40W, 9W of approximately equal to 60W.

But there is a problem of high price in the market at present, and quality is general, if the choice is undeserved, it often appears the problem of non-section money.

Another note, general energy saving lamps can not adjustable, so only use ordinary switch. Do not use clock type dimmer switch for energy saving lamp control. But according to a report, foreign countries have developed a light adjustable energy saving lamp, while the author is not find this energy saving lamps in market when this article finished.

Purchasing lamps

Purchasing lamps are taking more spirit, before buying, you must do a good job of neck preheating action, according to our hours had broadcast gymnastics method, round head. If you bought the lamp without this action you back you must complain to high heaven. Buy the lamp need to see more, it had better to choose professional lighting market. Many shops operating only in particular several manufacturers style, so much to see is the only way. The professional lighting market has various style and focus in one point, so you save saving of spirit, and the price also has a comparative.

Special lighting installation

Family lamps’ special installation is the main form of smallpox, many people are like dark with diffuse light, but not everyone can. Skills are :

1, End contacts head. Fluorescent lamp need to roof for one by one. As a result that it not often used, so do not heartache.

2, Tube’s top and modeling smallpox light slot frame edges of the same level.

3, With an arc where available (light tube fluorescent lamp), not a serious trouble.

4, The lamp’s color can used in white, yellow and blue( purple). Other colors must not used, especially red and green. The former is a vice establishment, the latter became the terror zone.