Health home lighting---three mistakes of the solution of energy-saving lamps

Along with the country of policy for promoting energy saving and environmental protection, there are so many energy saving lights in the lighting industry. Moment ,the market alluvial many energy-saving lamps, and a lot of businesses are the most important selling point on the energy-saving, energy saving seems to have become a fashion. As the name suggests, energy is saving. In fact, it is far more than that. However, due to lack of market directions, many consumers meet some faults when purchase and use them, so resulting in some resistance to consumers of new products. For the reason, it is summed up the 3 major errors to start a bright light for consumers.

No.1 in misunderstanding : high prices of energy-saving lamps, easily, saving money is not festival.

Phenomenon : there are many consumers have had such as a problem: bought energy-saving lamps to home, electricity saving, but easy to damage, sometimes, it will be damaged for many times in one month. Energy-saving lamps price is higher than common lamps, and have a counts, changing bulbs are not enough electricity saved. As a result, consumers have complained that energy-saving lamps and not save money any more.

According to lighting experts, energy-saving lamps are mainly reflected in this 2 aspects :

1, Energy-saving lamps power are more than common incandescent light. A-watt energy-saving lamps can be comparable to five-watt incandescent light, more than 10 watts equivalent to 50 watts, it depending on the different types of energy-saving lamps has different effect. High-power energy-saving lamps are more saving electric and energy.

2, Energy-saving lamps are less than tungsten about distributing heat. Under this situation, in the case of tungsten heat emission are much higher than the energy-saving lamps, and resulting to there is a high temperature indoor, and the air conditioning temperature has to be lowered correspondingly. Using energy-saving lamps, has lower indoor temperature, so the savings on the other side played also the role of energy efficient air-conditioning charges.

Expert Tips : about the energy-saving lamps are often bad, due to the problems of product quality and consumer improper use. Uneven a technology, resulting in some energy saving lamps is easily damaged.

In addition, the energy-saving lamps are not used in overly humid environment and pay more attention to the voltage appropriate. Humid environment will affect the lamps’ life, while the voltage stability or otherwise of the greatest impact on energy-saving lamp life. Consumers should take a attention to the entire circuit with the purchase of energy-saving lamps are the same level, or will cause damage to this issue in the purchase and installation are best to consult experts.

No.2 in misunderstanding : The bulbs is bright, you can continue to use.

Phenomenon : some people think that energy-saving light bulbs, the better the more durable, as long as it is also bright, you can continue to use, and the use of the longer prove that the better the bulb quality.

Expert tips : Each bulb has a light failure, the so-called bad light bulb in the use of the process due to the loss of energy and materials will darken slowly. For example, an energy-saving lamp life is 10,000 hours, this service life, even if the light bulb can continue to use, but the brightness will be significantly weakened. People often use to adapt to the brightness of the environment and are not aware of it. Experts believe that when the energy-saving lamp life to, even if it can shine, also recommended abandoned, otherwise its energy will be greatly reduced, over time will damage the eyes, make people feel irritable.

Professionals in addition, when consumers purchased the energy-saving lamps, should look at the instructions on the service life. Service life is not begin to run from the date of manufacture, but from the use of date count.

No.3 in misunderstanding : The lamp function is lighting, the brighter the better.

Phenomenon : the traditional thought that the function of bulb is lighting, of course, the more light the better. So therefore, there are some consumers in the indoor lighting layout on the high brightness of bulbs. Extends to public places, such as roads, libraries, etc, sometimes the brightness is too strong.

Expert analysis, it will take more attention to lighting design, according to different actual situation and will have different lighting schemes in a foreign country. Such as public lighting, a road to the calculation of 24 hours, what sections of what type and intensity of light, luminous efficiency design to what extents. Otherwise, poorly designed, chauffeur-driven for a long time will affect the perspective of film, people will feel tired.

Some family homes in the country, such as the bedroom, the use of spotlights, people think the excitement is not to fall asleep. Therefore, the light is not more light the better.

Expert Tips : The early designed lighting appeared in foreign relatively, the design is also more developed, a professional designer for the lighting of public places or home design science. Piece in the country is still relatively weak. With the implementation of lighting designers Certifications issued by the State, this situation should be improved.

Lighting not only is the emission of light, it is a way of life, a kind of scientific technology. It is reasonable or not a direct impact on people’s health and mental state.