80W Explosion Proof LED Light Series M

M Series General Description:

With the fast development of the oil and chemical industries, lighting has a wide usage in the fields like production, storage and rescue. Because of the spark cause by the light is unavoidable, once it is mixed with the explosive gas in the working palce, the consequence is unthinkable.

M serie explosive--proof light is designed for areas where flammable petrochemical vapors and pulverized dust exist or have the potential to exist and so on because of it special design.And it has attracted lots of attention.

Product Characteristics:

1. High grade LED from BRIDGELUX

2. High power efficiency output, Non-image optics system

3. Special design

4. High efficiency driver system from Meanwell

5. Luminaire efficiency up to 90 lm/W ± 3lm

6. Open air ventilation design, good heat dissipation function

7. Innovative and unique design of clip plate, can fit different diameter of the pole, compatible with any install solution, to meet the demands of changing or upgrading of conventional road lighting.

8. "Tool free" locking design to open and close the driver compartment simply, easy installation and maintenance

9. 5-year warranty since goods depart from Manufacturers.

Explosion Proof LED Light
Explosion Proof LED LightExplosion Proof LED LightsExplosion Proof LED LightingExplosion Proof LED LightExplosion Proof LED Light
Code CH-LFB80-Y-M
Model CH-LFB80-AC/220-G-Y-Ⅲ-C-M02
Input voltage AC 170V~265V
Frequency range 50/60HZ
Power factor(PF) ≥0.95
Power efficiency >90%
LED power consumption 80W
Console power consumption 88W
LED luminous efficiency ≥100lm/w
LED luminous flux ≥7200LM
Iuminare efficiency(%) ≥90%
Color-rendering index(CRI) Ra>70
Junction temperture(Tj) <80°C
Explosive-proof grade Exd ⅡCT6
Connector pipe diameter tread size G3/4
IP grade IP65
Working condition Temperature:-30°C ~50°C ; Humidity:10%~90%RH
Storage temperature 10°C ~60°C
Life-span >30000Hrs
Material Aluminum alloy
Package size(unit:cm) 62.5 (L) × 30.5 (W) × 34 (H)
Net weight 8Kg
Stability Can be usd in wide range of voltage and temperature
Low heat Can be use for long time, reliable
Environment protecting No Mercury pollution and UV radiation, Ture green light
Chip of light source U.S.(BRIDGELUX) Puri45*45mil BXCA4545XXX-D