LED Applications---Home Lighting

The distribution of lamps with different types of illumination can get a good mood in the room. If you want your room to look nice, cozy and beautiful even at night, you may want to start using a good combination of LED Down Light, Spotlight, Bulb, LED Tube.

1. Safety :

you would not want your home to become a fire hazard. See to it that the product or products you are buying have really undergone stringent tests and trials.

2. Easy installation :

Our above-mentioned Lights come in a DIY installation kit. Instead of hiring a technician to install the lamps for you, you can have the lighting sockets installed easily.

3. Energy-saving :

80% power consumption are saved comparing with an incandescent bulb.

4. Long life sapan :

50000 Hrs.

5. Eco-friendly :

They will not emit toxic substances during its working or once they are discarded. Instant start without blinking, always keep quiet.

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