LED Candle Light Products

LED candle lights is the new indoor lighting products. With independent intellectual property rights of the special encapsulation technology, 360 degrees stereo light distribution change the 120 degrees beam angle to achieve 360 degrees to illuminate. lots of formed separate fins distribute on the heatsink, more over open through hole on the fins, which improve the effects of heat dissipation and reduce the weight. We using the patent IC driver, no need electrolysis capacitor for inside, 6 times life span than the original deriver. In a word, using world famous high power LED as light source and adopting special circuit design and heat dissipation, integrated with decoration and function, ideal replacement for traditional candle lamp.

LED Candle Light LED Candle Lights LED Candle Lighting candle led lights
CH-B03D43B-E14 CH-B04D43B-E14 CH-B01D36F-E14R CH-B01D36F-E14T
candle led light led candles light
CH-B03D39E-E14R CH-B03D39E-E14T