LED Ceiling Light Products

Now LED technology is becoming increasingly advanced and mature, which leads to a wide Applications of LED luminaires, say LED Ceiling Lights, comparing with traditional ones, LED Ceiling Lights has more advantages: long life span, free maintenance, instant start, no UV radiation, beam angle available from 15°~ 60°, high CRI(≥75), dimmable by existing Triac, and easy installation. Direction of light rays can be adjusted by turning the lumiaire to all directions.

The main structure of a LED Ceiling Light is its: Lighting source-LED, ( especially the inside Chip brand, Chips such as Cree, Nichia, Osram etc. are comparatively more expensive than Taiwan Chips, such as Epistar, Huga, and Kowin.); Heat sink can be classified roughly as die-castings, aluminum alloy, etc. Aluminum alloy has better thermal conductive performance, so it is usually more costly than die-castings; LED Driver, it is a very important component of LED Ceiling Light, how long of the whole luminaire can survive partially depends on the Driver. Therefore, for Driver, we need to choose the one with CE, RoHS approved, which is a minimum requirement.

Lens is also important, if the LED Ceiling Lights are used in a brand store, CRI is really important of course, but Lens as an optical regulator plays an important role in light convergence. Light spot size is up to the lens.

LED Ceiling Light LED Ceiling Light LED Ceiling Light LED Ceiling Light
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