LED Flood Light Products

Characteristics and Features:

1. Advanced encapsulation technology enhanced the lighting quality, with world leading encapsulation technology in the super power module encapsulating. The Applications of module lighting source in flood lamp has eliminated multi-matrix ghost images and blinding glare to relieve visual fatigue;

2. Patented heat dissipation design, expand the life time of the LED chips;

3. Intelligent remote light-control system applicable, saving more energy;

4. No need to use secondary lens light distribution, adopt special light distribution system.

5. Excellent Color Uniformity of our LED Flood light;

6. No infrared, no ultraviolet, does not attract insets, with excellent environmental emission.


Tunnel, advertising board, scenic spot etc

Color Temperature:

4000K – 6000K

  • LED Flood Light Series C------30W 50W

    LED Flood LightingLED Flood LampLED Flood Lights30W LED Flood Light30W LED Flood Light
  • LED Flood Light Series D------50W 70W

    LED Flood LightingLED Flood LampLED Flood Lights50W LED Flood Light50W LED Flood Light