LED Light Bulb Products

CHINAHONG adopt world famous brand high-end chips, with the top encapsulation technology, so as to ensure the high quality of light source. Excellent heat dissipation for unique structural design show beautiful and fashion feeling to people. Due to we adopt world famous chips, so it can save energy 60% to 70%, reduce the energy consumption, green and eco-friendly lighting source without mercury, UV and infrared light, so it do good for human beings. In a word, using world famous high power LED as light source and adopting special circuit design and heat dissipation, integrated with decoration and function, ideal replacement for traditional incandescent bulb.

CHINAHONG LED bulb with low power consumption since it's high efficiency & wide beam angle ( >160°C ), compare with fluorescent tube at least 70% energy saving.

LED LED bulb not include mercury which included in fluorescent tube, will not cause contamination to environment; as a single wavelength light source, LED has no frequency flittering, suitable for different kinds of Applications

situation, plus CHINAHONG's unique constant driver and patented heat disperser technology, therefore the LED tube is called ' pure green light source in new generation'.

CHINAHONG LED bulb with dimmable function, match to many adjustable optical-intensity system, Build-in & build-out led driver option available.

LED Light Bulb LED Light Bulb LED Light Bulb LED Light Bulb
CH-B05D60A-E27 CH-B07D58B-E27 CH-B09D58C-E27 CH-B03D60A-E27
LED Light Bulb LED Light Bulb LED Light Bulb LED Light Bulbs
CH-B07D60A-E27 CH-B05D50E-E27 CH-B03D50B-E27 CH-B05D60B-E27
LED Bulb LED Bulbs LED Light Bulb LED Light Bulbs
CH-B07D61B-E27 CH-B09D78D-E27 CH-B12D78D-E27 CH-B03D45G-E27
LED Light Bulbs LED Light Bulb LED Light Bulb
CH-B05D60G-E27 CH-B07D60G-E27 CH-B09D74G-E27