LED Street Lighting Projects

60W LED street light completed in Lebanon

With great effort of customer cooperation and hard work, CHINAHONG started LED street lighting retrofit project in Lebanon in August, 2013. This is the first retrofit street lighting using LED street lights in Lebanon. Total 45pcs of 60W LED street lights were adopted in project. The successful project is a symbol of CHINAHONG LED lights start the step of energy saving retrofit projects in Lebanon.

With strict requirement from owner of project, finally CHINAHONG have proposal to choose our LED street light of 60W to replace 150WHPS(total 175W including the ballast) in 9meters high and 33meters pole spacing, with lux level over 12lux average and over 0.6 for overall uniformity. And the power factory for LED street light is over 0.9, total power consumption less than 67W. After consultant site tested, LED street light is over 62% energy saving. That means it can help owner to save 62% energy cost. The better lighting effect and performance is much impressive and amazing to customer since before with 150W HPS is too dim, yellow light and low color rendering index. After retrofit project using LED lights, white light with much more brightness, no dark area and can clarify all objects more clearly.

Our 60W street light chose highest worldwide brand America bridgelux chip and Meanwell driver with 5years warranty for the whole fitting. For different projects application, can also different power consumption option.

LED Street Lighting Projects LED Street Lighting Projects LED Street Lighting Projects LED Street Lighting Projects