LED Tube Light

Tube lamp occupies more than 70% of artificial light source world-widely, CHINAHONG series LED tube lamp applies high efficiency LED driver with self- patent, increased the efficiency & lift span to beyond 50,000 hours, luminare efficiency above 95lm/W, standing at top position of this industry.

LED tubes are suit for office, supermarket, commercial building, exhibition hall, hotel, public buildings, bridge, Manufacturers, hospital and more which need special & long life-span luminaries, LED tube applies to most of place based on it’s many advantages: high efficiency, low power consumption, no frequency-flittering, high CRI, long lifespan, etc.

CHINAHONG series tube with low power consumption since it’s high efficiency & wide beam angle ( >160°C ), compare with fluorescent tube at least 70% energy saving.

LED tube not include mercury which included in fluorescent tube, will not cause contamination to environment; as a single wavelength light source, LED has no frequency flittering, suitable for different kinds of Applications situation, plus CHINAHONG’s unique constant driver and patented heat disperser technology, therefore the LED tube is called 'pure green light source in new generation'.

CHINAHONG series LED tube with dimmable function, match to many adjustable optical-intensity system, Build-in & build-out led driver option available.

LED Tube LED Tube Light LED Tube Light LED Tube Light
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