LED Manufacturers


In order to adapt to the market development as well as to better serve the overseas customers, Chinahong.org is to expand the field of new LED market. Funded by Wan Ming integration, Chinahong is a new overseas sales company, which specialized in LED indoor light, LED outdoor lights LED and LED display selling to overseas clients as well as the after-sales support.

Wan Ming is a Group of companies which specialized in Metal Processing, Traditional Light, LED light, Bathing products. With the support from Wan Ming, the customers will trust us much more. For the present, there are many factories stop production or bankrupt because of poor operation, and this make the clients lose much money. If you let us take care of everything, this situation will never happen because of Wan Ming’s powerful strength and Guarantee.

The most important work of Chinahong is serving the foreign customers, dealing with the various issues between the customers and their Chinese Suppliers. As we are very familiar with the Chinese LED market, so we can integrate the factories with strong power of R&D and production, furthermore, we can get the best prices from these factories. When the clients come to China to visit the factories, CHINAHONG can aks the related colleagues to follow up & arrange everything to avoid their confusion & mis-trust resulted from the unknown about China and its LED industry. At the same time, we help the customer on the order follow up, shipment, product complaints and after service.

For customers who need OEM and ODM service, we would cooperate to select the plant with professional ability in R&D, but less prominent in marketing, with the purpose to help factories/enterprises and customers promoting product in overseas market and project cooperation, finally to achieve win-win business successfully.

Chinahong owns a team with skilled and plentiful oversea business experience, our main business is concentrating on manufacturing LED Lighting Products and other high power LED outdoor lights. Moreover we also involve in LED display sales agent. With our professional LED product technology and excellent after sales service, and our great support of the optimal & competitive products selected and best lighting solutions provided, be sure we can cooperate customers to complete many indoor and outdoor lighting, and LED display high-quality projects successfully.