Japan has developed OLED light material with luminous efficiency up to 86%

According to the professional magazine of international optoelectronic areas "Nature Photonics", a research team, led by Professor Anda Qianboshi, developed the OLED materials with its luminous efficiency is as high as 86%, this professor is from "the apex organic photoelectric research center (OPERA)" of Kyushu University. This new material is suitable for the lighting energy status of organic molecules greatly increased from common 25% to 86.5%. In addition, an important Features for the new material is not use precious metals iridium. The appearance of this new OLED material, will make the low power consumption TV and the development of LED lighting equipment of a new generation highly anticipated.

This new material is made of two kinds of molecular, according to "inspire composite (Exciplex) glow" phenomenon, it shines by energy moving between the neighboring molecules. In the past OLED field, always think this kind of phenomenon was always thought to reduce the luminous efficiency; this study overturned this "common sense".