(2012.09.03)The encirclement of CHINAHONG's "patent group" strategy may be a draw samples.

CHINAHONG TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. tries to become the pioneer and leader in LED integrated light sources by using an invisible line to group several patents in one field and then form "patent license".

Recently, the senior engineer Ouwen of CHINAHONG told reporters that the company has more than 70 patents in the field of integrated LED light source layout. From the aspects of package, heat, light distribution to compass patents.

Experts of semiconductor lighting industryhave different opions on point light source and integrated light source in Dongguan City. The significance of CHINAHONG's "patent group" strategy lies to select a direction of a full range of patent layout.

The integrated light of the "encirclement"

Compared to other LED companies in Dongguan, CHINAHONG enters the field of integrated module light source relatively earlier. CHINAHONG is committed to R & D packaging of the LED components and LED lighting products when it is fouded . For technical reasons, CHINAHONG has identified the trend of the integrated module of the LED industry source, rather than a market who shared greater of point source, and it quickly puts into the research and development.

Since then, CHINAHONG began to get the patent in the field of integrated modules. However, a single patent, or dispersed patent is susceptible to breakthrough and bypass. In order to take the most advantage of the patent, Ouwen recognizes the necessity of patent layout, and form a "patent group".

According to the engineering R & D Manager Shu Hongyun, CHINAHONG has attracted a large number of integrated modules engineers one after another. The initial patent R & D team has expended from the first five people to nearly 30. Bracket started from the most basic design, and gradually extended to the package with optical, structural, thermal and other sectors. Now, the company has more than 70 patents in the field of integrated LED light source field, and have completed the patent "encirclement" in every aspect of integrated module light source.

Patent group effect

Vice president of CHINAHONG Huang Mei who is responsible for the intellectual property matters said, When the market is mature, they will be able to use a mature group of patents to clean up the counterfeiters on the market at any time.

The maturity of the technology brought about the surge in orders. In order to meet the expanding needs, CHINAHONG is intended to build its own plant, and purchase new production equipment in the next step.

Short-term expansion of market share is not the CHINAHONG's sole purpose. Ouwen believes that the patent group base makes CHINAHONG occupy a favorable position in the maturity of the LED industry. When more and more companies enter the field of integrated light source, the CHINAHONG will get a patent in all aspects of the layout , " It is difficult to circumvent our patents when doing the integrated light, and if you use our patent, you should pay royalties ".

Patent layout great space

Experts of Semiconductor Lighting Industry Association of Dongguan City believe that the meaning of CHINAHONG's patent strategy is to select a direction of a full range of layout. "The patent is an important force for sustainable development of enterprises, which is helpful for the development of vision decelopment." . However, he also pointed out that the LED, as an emerging industry, is not mature enough. And is still difficult to define industry patent theft incident. However, "When the industry is more mature, sound corporate patent layout will reflect a significant advantage.

Large enterprises of Dongguan have a stronger sense of patent portfolio, in addition to CHINAHONG, there are also Kingsun and Yi Jia. Dongguan semiconductor lighting industry association officials said, because of the immature LED industry, there is no patent war which is similar to the war of Apple, Samsung, From another perspective, the immaturity of the technology also makes more space for the patent layout.

Enterprises should have a series of line of patent

Dongguan Secretary-General of Intellectual Property Protection Association Lujun

Dongguan enterprises have strong awareness of intellectual property. Every year there are a large number of Applications and grants. But the key is, many companies lack the awareness of the 'patent management' -- a main line of the patent series. "Lujun said, while the patent group strategy of CHINAHONG is the direction of development of enterprises in Dongguan Intellectual Property Strategy.

Lujun believes LED core technology lies in the hands of Japan and Taiwan enterprises, so the development of LED enterprises in Dongguan constraints. "Since 2010, the Association encourages enterprise layout of the surrounding patents, which can easily exchange the enterprise with core patent. (cross-license)."