(2013.01.09)LED lighting products enter the national government procurement catalog

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According to the document released by the State Council of China, the related departments have made some changes on the 12th government procurement list of the energy-saving products. There are 24 items in total: lighting equipment, computer equipment, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, domestic appliances, digital communications equipment, etc. All products are certified on November 30, 2012.

According to the Chinese government procurement network, the reporter of the Aladdin Lighting News learned the publicity of the 13th government procurement list of the energy-saving products. For the first time, the lighting equipment enters the list of the LED lighting products, which includes not only the high pressure sodium lamp and the general lighting, such as the self-ballasted fluorescent lamps and double capped fluorescent lamps, but also the LED street and tunnel lighting products, LED down lights and self-ballasted LED lights with reflector.

As for the lighting equipment, the LED lighting products enters the list for the first time. In the list of the well-known corporate, CHINAHONG comes top in it.