(2013.03.07)CHINAHONG Products into China government purchasing list

Good news, CHINAHONG TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. Street lamp and flood lights had into the thirteenth issue energy-saving products government purchasing list which issued by China financial department and reform commission.

Below is the detail information of the lamp:

Model Certification Purchasing duration to
CH-LLD40-AC/220-G-S-I-C 40W CQC12701079842 2016-08-12
CH-LTG40-AC/220-G-J-I-C 60W CQC12701079559 2016-08-07
CH-LTG60-AC/220-G-J-I-C 60W CQC12701079558 2016-08-07
CH-LLD100-AC/220-G-S-I-C 100W CQC12701068527 2016-03-15
CH-LLD600-AC/220-G-S-I-C 60W CQC12701068526 2016-03-15

So be confidence with our company products quality, as you know it must passed strict tested before into the government purchase plan.