LED Applications---Office Lighting

CHINAHONG LED office lighting products such as LED panel light, LED T5/T8/T10 tube light, with unique structural design, offer high luminous efficiency, provide your bright and comfortable working environment.

Office lighting need a bright, quiet and comfortable environment, thus it's do good for to reduce visual fatigue, concentrating on working. CHINAHONG apoting world famous brand high-end chips, with the top encapsulation technology, so as to ensure the high quality of light source, so it can supply a bright working environment. LED light using LED constant current work, directly convert alternating current to direct current, effectively reduce LED light failure, start fast, no flash, protect your eyes, no noise, so it can supply a quiet working environment. LED lamp won't produce ultraviolet light, such as infrared radiation, no mercury and other harmful substances, produce less heat. So it won't like traditional lamps, there are many mosquitoes around in the light source. so environmrnt will become more clean and tidy, thus it can supply a omfortable working environment.

Office Lighting LED Office Lighting