LED Applications---Shop Window Lighting

A good lighting solution to a shop window will draw in potential customers or the passersby. It creates a pleasant environment and adds to the visibility and visual impact of the displays. The LED Down Light is embedded in the ceiling and the ray is shot down. The unique characteristic of Down Light is to keep the whole unity and perfection of building. While LED Spotlight produce directional light, meaning that it can light only the areas that need to be lit, minimizing light trespass. In this way, it is widely used in jewelry counter.

1. Energy saving :

A shop window is to be lit all working days from AM8:00 until PM10:00. So much power is consumed. The above –mentioned LED light play an important role since they are energy-saving.

2. Long life span :

This is a second reason to choose LED Lights. 14Hours’ continuous lighting per day is so long, the traditional Lights are easily burnt up.

3. Good CRI :

LED fixtures are better used to achieve closer color rendition and sparkle in Applications like a jewelry case、garments or to display glassware. which can reveal the true color of the jewelry, difference color temperature range can also enrich the original color of the jewelry.

Shop Window Lighting LED Shop Window Lighting