LED Applications---Shopping Center Lighting

Shopping center need to rely on bright, high quality lighting to highlight goods, which attract customers into the store, then let the customer produce the purchase desire. Lighting can help show the appearance and quality, the price standards and service, thus let customers better understand the cost performance of products.

LED down light do not occupy the interior space, in the shopping center installation the LED down light, because the embedded of light fixtures don't produces the feeling of oppression, on the contrary the soft lights can bring sweet effect.

The LED of LED panel light is a punctiform light, design personnel through the dot, line, face flexible combination, customers can request the design of all sorts of different shape and different particle of light source, its design is very flexible. The LED panel lights adopt the light-emitting uniform reflector and a sealed design with efficient light guide plate, and aluminum materials. Uniform glow, higher illumination.

The performance advantages of LED spot light is very prominent, high-purity aluminum reflector, the beam is the most accurate, best reflection, symmetrical narrow-angle wide-angle and asymmetric light distribution system. Angle and asymmetric light distribution system and so on.

The LED tube installation is very simple, removed the original fluorescent lamp and replaced by the LED tube, take out the ballast and starter, let 220 V AC utility directly added to both ends of LED tube.

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