Solar LED Street Lighting Projects

Project location : Tangshan, Hebei province, China

Mainly products : CHINAHONG Solar LED Street Lights series

Watt : 120W

Project description:

Light pole : 9m

Space between two light : 35m

This project is located in Tangshan, Hebei province , China which have 3.5 Sunshine Factor and the LED Street Light need to lighting on 10 hours per day. We used 120w LED lights according to the Features of this road.We suggest our client to putting our Solar-Wind LED Street Light CH-LLD120-DC/24-G-S-III-C-B02 System on 9 meters pole and 35 meters apart.

Solar power provides electrical generation by means of heat engines or photovoltaics. Once converted, its uses are limited only by human ingenuity.

Wind power is non-dispatchable, meaning that for economic operation all of the available output must be taken when it is available, and other resources, such as hydropower, and standard load management techniques must be used to match supply with demand.

CHINAHONG Solar-Wind LED Street Lighting System is assembling with Solar Energy, Wind Energy and LED Street Light, all of this item are green and friendly to the environment. CHINAHONG have built hundreds of Solar-Wind LED Street Light Projects in China Mainland and Oversea Market. We will update all the project photos when we get it from our clients

Solar LED Street Lighting Projects